Filmmaker Bios

Gene M. Gamache

Gene graduated from the University of Iowa with a BA in film production in 1986.  He then moved to Hollywood to pursue a career in Motion Pictures.  After arriving in L.A., he landed a job at a top motion picture advertising agency and began editing movie trailers.  Over the last 25 years, Gene has worked on campaigns for such movies as Men in Black, Ghost,  Braveheart, Forrest Gump, The Rock, Jurassic Park 3, Marley and Me, The Descendants and Shame.  He has won seven Key Art Awards from the Hollywood Reporters annual competition for motion picture advertising.

In 2001, Gene created a production company, Repertoire Films, and produced, directed and edited the award winning documentary film “Houdini”. Gene enlisted the talents of a college friend and writer, Kirk G. Carter to complete the film.  Following the success of “Houdini” Gene and Kirk produced and directed the documentary film “A Circus Life”.

After finishing the documentary film “Houdini”, Gene became a magician member of the prestigious Magic Castle in Hollywood California.  Over the last 15 years, Gene has been invited as an inner circle guest at the Official Houdini Séance held annually on October 31st — the anniversary of Houdini’s death.

In 2011, Gene began working as an in-house editor for Fox Searchlight Pictures, to create marketing materials for Fox Searchlight’s many award winning films.
Gene is married to American Actress Lindsay McDonald.  They recently had their first child, a baby boy named Remy.

Kirk G. Carter

A graduate of the University of Iowa in 1986 with a degree in Motion Picture and Television Production, Kirk has worked in the Television Industry for many years. He worked on the writing staff of the Emmy award-winning drama L.A.LAW and has made documentary films for cable television, among them the biography Houdini on which he was the writer and co-producer. Kirk followed his collaboration on Houdini with friend and fellow-filmmaker, Gene Gamache, with the feature-length documentary A Circus Life, which he co-produced, co-directed, and wrote.

Additionally, he wrote, directed, co-produced, and edited the feature-length documentary Path of Most Resistance: The Brief Public Life of Victoria Woodhull, which looks at the life of the first woman to run for president in 1872 – fifty years before women won the right to vote. The film includes some wonderful interviews with Naomi Wolf, Ellen Goodman, Pat Morrison, and Geraldine Ferraro.

Along with his work in the Television Industry, Kirk is also an accomplished fine art, commercial, and sports photographer. He owns and runs Greeno Photography. His work can be seen at

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