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  1. Gene,
    Loved meeting you at Hamilton Town Center and again, loved the documentaries!!! The circus one is very moving and well done. As a circus fan, my favorite. I enjoyed Houdini to and it has inspired me to learn more about him, so I’ve bought some books and the movie he made. Enjoyed meeting Bill Shirk too and bought his book by my friend Dick Wolfsie. Dick is also coming to my home on June 14th to film my circus collection again, so thanks for a great evening! I do want to be put on your mailing list and want to buy a DVD as soon as they come out too. Thanks again for a great night and kudos to you on projects well done!!!!
    Don West
    Fishers, IN

    • Hi Don,
      Thanks for your email and kind comments. It was nice to meet you in Indy and I appreciate you coming to the screening and I have to admit a relief to get good feedback from a very knowledgable Circus fan. It’s important to me to honor the memory of Chappie Fox and Al Mann so getting positive feedback from Circus fans is definitely part of the mission.
      I don’t have a release date for the DVD but will let you know when I do. Thanks again and say hello to Dick Wolfsie when he visits you on June 14th — he’s a great guy and so passionate about reporting good stories.



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